Dental Implants Livingston NJ

For many years dentists and patient dreamed of having an alternative to replace lost teeth with bridges and dentures.  The reasons are plenty:

Fixed bridges, while providing great function and durability will eventually fail.  In many ways they contribute to the loss of abutment teeth (the teeth that hold the bridge).  By redistributing forces of your bite from the teeth that are missing to the roots of the teeth that are holding the bridge, you are increasing a wear and tear on those abutment teeth.  Also when placing a bridge you must prepare (cut down) the teeth which will be holding the bridge.  Over the years the part of the tooth that was cut down will become more susceptible to dental decay and those abutment teeth will require treatment (replacement of the bridge and eventual extraction of abutment teeth).

Dentures are even a bigger problem. They replace multiple missing teeth by transferring bite forces to the few remaining teeth with unsightly metal clasps.  They also place a lot off pressure on the gums.  This leads to bone loss, tooth loss and sore spots in the mouth.  Many patients are unable to wear dentures because they are bulky and unstable.

In other words implants are  a blessing for anyone who is missing teeth.

Dental implants can be utilized best in many ways:

1. Single tooth replacement.  If you lost a tooth or  are about to lose one, we can easily replace it with a dental implant.  During the extraction our dentist will remove your bad tooth, place a bone graft (artificial bone to replace the one you lost because of  the tooth decay).  Then a dental implant will be placed either at the time of extraction or 4-6 months later depending on the amount of available bone.

2-6months later we can place an implant crown on the dental implant.  In some instances we will be able to place an implant and a temporary at the same time the extraction is done.  This is extremely important if a patient loses a front tooth and needs a replacement right away.

2. Multiple teeth replacement.  If you lose many teeth and do not want to wear a denture dental implants provide an best excellent alternative.  By strategically placing the implants in your mouth we will be able to restore your smile and function.  6-8 implants are placed to support a bridge that will replace all of your teeth.  The treatment takes 6-8 months, and at the end you can enjoy your full complement of teeth.

3. Denture stabilization.  This is the most cost effective way to restore your function and quality of life.  Dentures have about 3& of chewing capacity of your natural teeth.  They are inherently unstable and rely on the surface of your gums and palate to adhere in your mouth.  Simple functions like talking and swallowing will destabilize them.  They cause sore spots by putting pressure on your gums and tend to move in the most inopportune moments.  We can solve this problem in 3 visits.  First 4 implants are placed in the mouth.   Then  special attachments are placed on top of those implants and corresponding attachments are placed inside the denture.  The denture then clips onto the implants very firmly.  This removes the discomfort associated with loose dentures and, eliminates sore spots by transferring pressure from your gums to the dental implants.  Thus you are able to regain your chewing ability.

Considering the Costs and Benefits

Before you receive any implant work, Dr. Greyf of Livingston, NJ, 07039 will provide a consultation that will cover both the extent of the procedure and, what you can expect as a patient, and how the cost will be handled. Bear in mind that an implant can be anywhere from a thousand to a few thousand dollars, depending on your insurance coverage and the amount of work that will be needed. An implant may still be one of the more affordable options in the long run.

One reason for that affordability is the long term investment that you will be making in your teeth. While a bridge, and other options such as partials, may be more affordable, implants actually treat the issue of bone loss within the jaw that can occur when teeth are missing at their very root. That means that an implant may help you to retain the overall health of your jaw well into your old age, which is something that other prostheseis cannot offer.

Another advantage is that dental implants are extremely durable, and extremely comfortable once they’ve fully healed and been adjusted. Whereas partials, bridges, and dentures can all cause other issues with the gum or with adjacent teeth, a dental implant is something that you will have for life. The crown itself can be replaced when and if needed, but the titanium screw and setting should last you for as long as you live. That is why a dental implant may be a sensible, and ultimately very affordable, option that is worth considering for those who need it. Call 973 535-4300 and visit us at our Livingston, New Jersey, 07039 location TODAY!